The Healthy Lifestyle project

Mentari Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

Description of Project

In this ‘Healthy Lifestyle Day’ project, we had planned out 3 main activities to introduce the importance of a balanced meal and active lifestyle to our clients:

  • Practical Healthy Meal Preparation Session 1 (Breakfast and Dinner).
  • Practical Healthy Meal Preparation Session 2 (Lunch and Supper).
  • Grand Outdoor Activities.

Collaboration is key in organising this type of activities so we are able to get the expertise, skills and opinion needed. Here, we had worked with 2 other departments within Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah,which were:

  • Unit Terapi Carakerja, HTAN.
  • Unit Sajian & Dietetik, HTAN.

We had the chance to complete the first activity in March and the other activities had been postponed as in line with not to violate the Standard Operating Procedure for Movement Control Order imposed.

Via this project we aimed to:

  • Promote awareness on importance of a healthy meal.
  • Provide information on preparing a balanced and nutritious meal.
  • Educating patients on how to achieve a balanced diet with locally available produce and products.
  • Rehabilitate patients on various cognitive elements involved in a meal prep such as Cognitive rehabilitation (memory, executive function), Motor skill (Fine motor) – Activity of Daily Living & Instrumental Acitivity of Daily Living, and Soft Skill (Facial cues, Communication)


Collaboration and team work was the key for success of this program. The commitment of patient was also another important factor. A post mortem meeting was done to analyse the shortcomings of this one day programme to help us plan the next one better. In the future, if we have enough trained patients, we would be excited to include them as facilitators as this would improve peer support. If we had enough time and manpower, doing a follow-up review on this group of patients to see how they have incorporated what they have learnt into their daily life would be a great opportunity to learn on how to improvise the programme.


  1. Dr. Muhammad Akmal bin Zakaria (Psychiatric Medical Officer)
  2. Dr. Peh Chee Wei (Psychiatric Medical Officer)
  3. Dr. Muhd Faiz bin Muhd Noor ( Psychiatric Medical officer)
  4. Bukharie bin Abdul Razak (Occupational Therapist)
  5. Fauziah binti Kidam (Staff Nurse)
  6. Muhammad Ashraff bin Hamzah (Assistant Medical Officer)
  7. Noraziah binti Ismail (Staff Nurse)
  8. Zefri bin Shari (Pegawai Pembantu Kesihatan)

Mentari Info

MENTARI is a new approach initiated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to improve outreach and re-integration of people with mental health problems into the community.

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