Mentari Pendang, Kedah.

Penerangan Projek/Program

Mentari Pendang conduct a lot of activities for rehabilitation services. For example, gardening, craft and food business. Mentari Café is one of the project that had been established for psychiatric patient in Mentari Pendang. Mentari Café is located in the Mentari clinic, which all the staff can come over for order and buy foods and drinks easily.

There are many types of food and drinks sell in Mentari Café. Patient will prepare some of the menu by themselves. For instance, sandwich, egg toast and more. The preparation of food and drinks give many therapeutic values to the patient such as improve the process skills and IADL skills. Furthermore, patient will push the trolley of food and drink to the staffs’ clinic, which called as mobile café. This method will improve ability in communication and social interaction skills of the patient. They need to ask and answer questions politely with the staff. Besides, patient will improve their skill in money management which they need to count the sale for each day correctly.

In conclusion, although there are some struggles to run Mentari Café such as tired when got many orders and shy to communicate with others, but patient really enjoy with this Mentari Café as they can learn and improve many skills.

Mentari Info

MENTARI is a new approach initiated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to improve outreach and re-integration of people with mental health problems into the community.

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